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David Jean-Jacques

Founder and Executive Director

Harry Jean-Jacques

Founder & President

Value of collaboration over competition

We are the market! Big Hope Project understands the value of collaboration over competition. This is why we have always partnered with pioneers and visionaries that see the infinite possibilities for equity rather than the status quo. Big Hope Project is designing an equitable cannabis market based on community empowerment from the ground up. Please join us in creating an inclusive industry for those left behind in the Green Rush. History shows us that melanated populations in Boston, MA have for decades struggled against systematic economic weapons of oppression such as Redlining, the War On Drugs, and the School to Prison Pipeline. Our goal at Hope Project is to reverse the course by providing free restorative services to individuals primarily in areas disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs by mentoring them on the path towards a meaningful existence.

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